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  • Smart Wild Hybrid


    The Smart Wild redefines freedom and efficient movement in a whole new way. With our special equipment options, no wishes remain open. Luggage racks, baskets, panniers and Klickfix holders make shopping particularly practical, while specially developed tetra equipment takes into account the special requirements of quadriplegics. The Smart Wild is on the one hand suitable for everyday…

  • Stricker City Handbike


    The City-Handbike from Stricker is made in Germany and boasts low maintenance and easy operation. Our adaptive system provides a compact solution with a wide range of variants. Thanks to the Stricker-Clamp-System you can adjust the Handbike quickly and easily to nearly any wheelchair type without needing an additional adapter. The manual City-Handbike is the perfect…

  • The Petra RaceRunner from Connie Hansen


    The PETRA RaceRunnner rolls so freely that even children and adults who have been restricted to power wheelchairs have found now a way of propelling themselves by their own efforts. It is fun and stimulating regardless if you are a child, teenager, or senior. Whether you search for recreational leisure, physical challenge, or just equipment…