Smart Wild Hybrid


The Smart Wild redefines freedom and efficient movement in a whole new way.

With our special equipment options, no wishes remain open. Luggage racks, baskets, panniers and Klickfix holders make shopping particularly practical, while specially developed tetra equipment takes into account the special requirements of quadriplegics.

The Smart Wild is on the one hand suitable for everyday use, but also that you can travel safely and comfortably on every meter of the journey.

Grants available through the Bike to Work Scheme

from €6295.00


engine 1500 watts
 speed max. 30 km / h, handbikes with electric drive for speeds of up to 15 km / h are permitted in German road traffic.

Please note that a TÜV test is required for speeds over 6 km / h in Germany.

 Gear shift 16 courses
 Drive wheel size 20 inch
 Chainring up 24/56
 brake 2 brake calipers on a disc brake, engine brake
 battery pack Standard: Lithium-Ion battery (48V / 13Ah / 624Wh)
Optional: Lithium-Ion battery (48V / 17Ah / 816Wh)
 Battery energy recovery Yes
 Battery weight 4kg
 charger 48V 2A
 Battery charging time 6.5h
 Battery air transport Not suitable because the battery has more than 300WH
 Max. Load weight 120kg
 Transport weight 26 kg (without battery, without add-on stand) – 30 kg (including


Any available RAL color of your choice



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