The Petra RaceRunner from Connie Hansen


The PETRA RaceRunnner rolls so freely that even children and adults who have been restricted to power wheelchairs have found now a way of propelling themselves by their own efforts. It is fun and stimulating regardless if you are a child, teenager, or senior. Whether you search for recreational leisure, physical challenge, or just equipment that gets you from point A to B, the PETRA RaceRunner does the trick!

The low center of gravity and frame design offers good stability and poise whilst running or walking. The saddle unit counter-acts lateral sway and can be used as a seat when resting.

Running with the PETRA RaceRunner is a fun and low-impact activity that can be enjoyed with family, friends, non- or disabled peers. It will open a whole new perspective on your abilities and opportunities well as a wide range of social interaction and learning experiences.

from €2495.00

Also available at your Local Sport Partnership


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Individual choice of saddle, body support, and handlebars enable you to challenge aerobic fitness and work of major muscles while being gentle to hips, knees, and angles. The “drop-down saddle linkage” and open rear frame, make PETRA RaceRunner easy to get on and off, even from a wheelchair.


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