Altitude XL Plus Electric Stander (Bariatric)



The ALTITUDE PLUS is a free-standing Electric bariatric version of the hugely popular CLASSIC Stander from German manufacturer Iskomed.

The stander can be used by people with a wide range of conditions. Adults with spinal and head injuries, Multiple Sclerosis, or Motor Neurone Disease all have the potential to stand using this piece of equipment. An ideal choice for both a clinic and a development center.

It has a simple, sturdy construction and ease of use. With strong supports that can be fine-tuned for a much higher user weight limit than the Classic, it is designed to enable the user to be safely raised from sitting to standing and then positively supported during their standing program.

The electric lifting mechanism features a motorized belt adjustment system that is capable of lifting up to 200kg (30 stone*). The mechanism will allow those with moderate trunk control to raise themselves from sitting to standing and those with limited trunk control to be guided into standing with attendant assistance.

HSE Contract 9229 (UK NHS inquiries call 028 95680587)


Size/ref/code  (Bariatric )
Length (cm)  100-103
Width (cm) 84-89
Footboard to Tray Height (cm) 100-132
User Height (cm) 140-220
Product Weight without Motor (kg) 58.6
Product Weight with Motor (kg) 82.5
Max. User Weight (kg) 200


Additional supports are available which can be used to control complex conditions by stabilizing the pelvis and spine to give a good ‘mid-line’ position. The hip bar and pads are the foundation for upper body control as they are used to stabilize and stop rotation in the pelvis. The thoracic support and laterals are added to the hip bar and pads for greater control of the trunk.

If a user has a tendency to lean back or gains better independent head control from having support behind them, the thoracic support can be attached to the extra-wide hip bar. If the user has a tendency to lean to one side, the lateral supports will help them maintain a central position.



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