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Veloped Sport 12er size M

Walking is probably the closest thing to perfect exercise, and it’s a great way to stay in shape and lose weight.

The Veloped Sport offers you superb support and safety when you are exercising outdoors. It greatly reduces the impact and stress caused on your ankles, knees, hips and back when fitness walking, and it’ll make you last the distance. With all its advantages you can head for grassy hills, woodland paths and the forest parks.

The Veloped Sport is tested and CE marked to the European standard for rollators/walkers.


Dimensions & Weight
Frame size: M
Grip height (adjustable): 75 – 95 cm
Recommended body height: 150 – 189 cm
Length: 102 cm
Width: 76 cm
Grip width (center-center): 48 cm
Seat height: 58 cm
Seat width: 44 cm
Seat depth: 25 cm
Dimensions folded
Height: 75 cm
Length: 106 cm
Width: 42 cm
Transport dimensions – folded without wheels
Height: 59 cm
Length: 84 cm
Width: 42 cm
Transport weight – without wheels
Transport weight: 7,4 kg
User weight
Max user weight: 150 kg
Product weight
Total weight: 11,4 kg


Brakes: Trionic All-Terrain hub brakes
Brake levers: Trionic all-aluminium brake levers w. Kraton rubber finger surface
Brake functions: Motion & Parking brake



Detachable Wheels

Detachable Wheels.Easy to Transport.

The Veloped Sport 12er has detachable wheels with quick-release axles, and quickly and easily detaches in order to minimize the transport weight and the dimensions.

Award-Winning Grips

Award-Winning Grips.Perfect for Your Hands.

The Ergon GP1 grips offer you a very comfortable grip. They are ergonomic and distribute the weight you put on them evenly. The grips are angle-adjustable and come in sizes S & L.

Award-Winning Grips

All-Terrain Design.Enjoy the Outdoors.

Thanks to its 3-wheeler design, the patented climbing wheel and considerably bigger wheels, the Veloped is the only truly off-road capable walker/rollator in the world. When walking on uneven and rough ground, the Veloped beats any rollator, every time.

The Veloped Frame

The Veloped Frame.Strong, Cool & Modern.

The Veloped has a strong, cool and highly modern aluminium frame. The frame is welded from unique alloy tubing, which guarantee you many years of hard use. A 2-color metallic paintwork make for stunning looks.

100% Stainless Steel

100% Stainless Steel.True Outdoor Quality.

Since years Trionic uses screws, nuts, washers, axle shafts and small parts made from stainless steel. The Velopeds and Walkers also have quick-release axles made from stainless steel.

Trionic X-Country Tires

Trionic X-Country Tires.Lighter, Softer, Faster.


  • navy/red/white
  • black/white/white


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