Topro Troja


The Topro Troja Rollator is designed to be used by children and adults, who require a lightweight rollator that is supportive whilst being easy to maneuver.

Topro has an outstanding reputation for advanced, modern designs, which combine user comfort, safety, and convenience together in one outstanding rollator. The Topro Troja Rollator allows the user to be more active, providing stable support whilst ensuring freedom of movement.

This rollator is fitted with easy-to-operate and efficient loop-handled cable brakes, ensuring the user can stop quickly, safely, and in a controlled way when needed. It also has height adjustable handles, which are easily adjusted to suit the needs of each individual, giving great support and comfort.

With TOPRO´s 7-year warranty on the rollator frame this gives you the extra trust and comfort in the product which you will appreciate for a long time.

If you are going to use your rollator mostly indoors with short walks outdoors, this is the rollator for you.

The TOPRO Troja Original comes in 3 sizes. M, S and X. Learn more about which size fits you.

Available on HSE contract 9229


Size M (medium) S (small) X (extra small)
Recommended user height 1500–2000 mm 1350–1700 mm 1250–1600 mm
Maximum weight of user 165 kg 125 kg 80 kg
Maximum capacity basket 10 kg / 20 l 10 kg / 20 l 5 kg / 11 l
Handle height 780–1000 mm 710–860 mm 670–790 mm
Maximum length 650 mm 650 mm 650 mm
Maximum width 600 mm 600 mm 520 mm
Width between handles 470 mm 470 mm 370 mm
Handles Anatomic Anatomic Anatomic
Seating width 455 mm 455 mm
Seat height 620 mm 540 mm 500 mm
Diameter turning circle 840 mm 840 mm 790 mm
Diameter wheels 200 mm 200 mm 200 mm
Width wheels 36 mm 36 mm 36 mm
Grip distance driving brake 65 mm 65 mm 65 mm
Total dimensions folded (l × w × h) 650 × 240 × 800 mm 650 × 240 × 740 mm 650 × 240 × 650 mm
Area of use Indoors & outdoors
Product weight 6.8 kg 6.6 kg 6.1 kg
Art. No. 814750 814770 814740


– Wheel dampeners

– Crutch holder

– One-handed brake

– Tray

– Bottle holder

– Basket for oxygen

– Guide handle for visually impaired


  •  Dark Grey
  •  Red
  •  Silver



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