DiBlasi R32 Folding Tricycle


DI BLASI’s folding R32 tricycles offer a level of convenience and useability impossible with non-folding machines. Not only does the ability to fold make storage more practicable but it also means that Di Blasi tricycles have significantly increased versatility. The small folded size makes transportation in a car very easy.

The folding operation takes just five seconds and three steps without the need to use tools, or the need to screw or unscrew any parts. Unfolding for use can be done in the same time with even less effort.

Low central step through (19cm)
Foldable pedals
20″ wheels
Twist grip gear changer
V brakes with an integrated parking brake
Dynamo-powered front and rear lights
Bell and mudguards
Integral rear carrier

from GBP 1395.00


Adults over 160 cm, Standard –: saddle to pedal inside leg 73.5 – 82.5 cm

14-18 years, Junior – saddle to pedal, inside leg 69 – 73.5 cm

9-14 years, Cadet – saddle to pedal, inside leg fixed at 64 cm



  • Backrest with side supports
  • Gel seat cover
  • Folding foot cages
  • Shopping bag
  • Transport bag
  • Mirrors


Available in graphite grey, blue or red


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