Neurology Therapy Couch


This Bobath Neurology Therapy Couch with electrically powered height adjustment and manual backrest angle adjustment in a hard-wearing upholstery, is an impressively wide therapy couch, with a much higher than the standard safe working load of 225 kgs, allowing it to comfortably and safely accommodate both the therapist and the patient.

Supplied with hard-wearing upholstery, and features an electrically operated height adjustment lying surface and a manually operated adjustable backrest. The easy to operate powered height adjustment of the Neurology couch offers the therapist an excellent height range, allowing the treatment surface to be set as low as 460mm and as high as 920mm, ensuring the perfect level can be achieved for each individual treatment.

The retractable wheels and adjustable feet, allow it to move easily from one location to another and ensure total stability even when used on uneven surfaces. The exceptionally well-made frame of the Neurology Couch has good clearance underneath (140mm) for easy access for mobile hoists and other equipment and features purpose-made precision bearings on all its pivot points for real durability and years of trouble-free use.


  • Length   1800 mm
  • Width     1000 mm
  • Height    460 – 920 mm
  • Hoist clearance 140 mm
  • Max User weight 225 kg





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