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  • Mamalu Special Stroller


    The Mamula stroller is a folding specialised pushchair. Its made of a light durable umbrella frame which means that it folds easily and quickly, and its small dimensions make it easy to transport after folding. The stroller grows with your child due to its wide range of adjustments. The headrest and the 5-point safety belts can be…

  • Ability Travel Stroller


    Designed especially for the older/larger child who is not able to walk or, more likely, can walk but not far enough in the direction which you want to go. The Ability Travel Stroller covers an age range from say 2 years to 8 years. Based on the standard ‘umbrella style’ folding strollers. It is essentially just…

  • Kukini Activity Buggy


    The new special needs stroller KUKINI™. is lightweight and so perfect for both long walks and jogging in the park. The aluminum frame with reflective elements makes the stroller safe and comfortable for your child. The Stroller is equipped with a rear shock absorbing system and 16-inch inflatable spoked wheels, which makes riding on uneven…