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  • Childrens Commode


    This Adjustable Paediatric Commode features a brightly coloured, powder-coated steel frame to ensure maximum stability and durability. The commode comes supplied with a child’s toilet seat, commode pan with a lid and an adjustable strap. To allow for personal hygiene the seat has a front cut-away aperture. For added security and stability the frame is…

  • Nuvo Toilet Platform


    This Nuvo Paediatric toilet platform has been designed to enable to sit on a range of different toilet heights with their feet comfortably supported with their feet flat on a smooth level surface. The height-adjustable platform provides a step up and has a slip-resistant surface for additional safety. It has a contemporary design with comfortable,…

  • Svan Toilet Balance Frame


    The Svan Balance Toilet Frame allows both children and small adults to sit securely on the toilet and can be easily adapted to allow other family members to comfortably go to the bathroom. For children with limited levels of mobility, using the toilet can be difficult, and in some cases even dangerous. For these children,…